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St. Francis ministers to the animals


     In honor of the Feast Day of St. Francis (October 4th), Patron Saint of Animals, some area churches will hold a Blessing of the Animals.  Here are just a few: 

  • Saturday, October 2nd at 9 AM…..Christ the King Church…..1803 Columbia Ave in Norfolk…..Please bring your animal friends…..Donations of food for shelter animals is appreciated…..
  • Sunday, October 3rd at 11 AM…..Episcopal Church of the Ascension…..405 Talbot Hall Rd. in Norfolk…..Meet in the River Pavilion out back…..Donations of food, rags, toys, or other items that can be used in a shelter or foster home are appreciated…..
  • Sunday, October 3rd at 2 PM…..Historic St. Luke’s Church…..14477 Benn’s Church Blvd. in Smithfield…..Please bring items for the Isle of Wight County Animal Shelter which desperately needs dry and canned food for kittens, cats, or dogs; dog and cat treats; blankets; and clay, non-clumping litter…..A book written about our event, “Lili of St. Luke’s,” is available in our gift shop….
  • Sunday, October 3rd at 4 PM…..Blessed Sacrament Church…..6400 Newport Ave. in Norfolk…..Father Joe will bless your pets (live, stuffed animals, or pictures of your pets)…..  ALL types of animals are welcome…..We will gather in the parking lot of the Church…..A cookies & punch reception to follow…..  
  • Sunday, October 3rd from 4-5 PM…..Trinity Episcopal Church…..500 Court St. in Portsmouth…..All are invited to bring their pets for a blessing at this annual service in the church…..The collection will benefit the Portsmouth Humane Society…..  

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Free HeartGard dose reminder app at

     Are you:

     Busy?  Multi-tasking?  Stressed-out and can’t possibly remember one more thing to do each month?

     HeartGard is here to help.  Go to and download a free app for your i-Phone which reminds you to give your dog his HeartGard dose each month.  Forgetting a dose can throw a wrench into your carefully planned system (and budget, if it means retesting sooner than expected.)  The HeartGard app will even tell you how many doses you have left, so you can decide whether to pick up a refill without going home first to count pills.

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Free Concert Series

     Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church is opening its 2010-2011 Concert Series with a performance by the US Fleet Forces Band this Sunday, September 26th at 4 PM.

     The concert is FREE and open to the public.  Stay for a reception afterward in the newly-built social hall.  I paid for part of it, so come by and enjoy my honorary floor tile…or whatever a hundred bucks gets me.  ~~  Jen

Location:  6400 Newport Ave., Norfolk, VA 23505

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      Last night, I attended Sunsets on the River, a concert series hosted by the Hermitage Foundation in Norfolk.  The performance by Ampersand was the third of four concerts featuring various musicians this month.  I’m not going to lie – it was heavenly.  The waterside setting was the perfect venue – boats, birds, gardens, a full moon, and a storied mansion.   The weather was just right, to boot.  You know those days when you can’t put a number on the temperature because it’s not hot, not cold, not warm, not chilly – just sort of…there?  Like all you feel is your skin and no worry about whether you need to add a layer of clothes or peel one off?  It was like that.  In the perfect setting.  With music.

     Two things about the event stood out:  1) despite the free-flowing adult beverages, this was largely a family event.  The dance floor was populated almost exclusively by tots, whose enthusiasm more than made up for those of us who were too uptight to dance.  I even spotted a number of budding groupies crowding around the band during their sets.  And kudos to quick-thinking singer Martha Roebuck who put an ever-so-slightly kid-friendly spin on “Folsom Prison Blues”:  “I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him cry.”  Awwww. 

     2)  The event is dog-friendly.  Pooches of various breeds were socializing with each other as their respective owners engaged in what was most likely witty repartee.  A volunteer at the Hermitage confirmed that the grounds are definitely open to dogs.  I recommend this type of event for well-mannered dogs which are leashed and well-mannered owners who pick up after their pets.

     There is only one night left to partake in the fun (free for Hermitage members; $5 non-members; free for kids 12 and under.)  Jackass Flats will entertain the masses on Thursday September 30th, from 5:30 to 9 PM.  Bring a picnic, a lawn chair or a blanket, your kids and the dogs.  Beverages may be purchased on-site, since they cannot be brought in.  Snacks are also available for purchase.  Pray for awesome weather and I’ll see you there!

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Free glove with purchase of 6 or more tubes of Advantage.

     Bayer, the maker of Advantage Flea Control, has sent us a supply of grooming gloves to be given away with purchases of 6 or more doses of Advantage.* 

     I decided to try the glove before foisting it on an unsuspecting public and here is what I found:  The glove removes dirt and loose fur from pets, as it is intended to do, but my favorite use is removing fur from upholstery with the glove.  Granted, that gets a little messy when the fur starts flying, but it is fun and effective.

     The Grooming Glove is especially useful if your pet is fussy and does not like to be combed or brushed, but does enjoy being petted.  This is what we in the business call Stealth Grooming.

     Remember to ask for your glove the next time you purchase 6 or more doses of Advantage.  Limited quantity; offer is good while supplies last; one free glove per household

     *Qualifying purchase quantity must be made on a single visit; cumulative purchases do not qualify for the free glove offer.

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Picture Day

     I have returned in body (if not in spirit) from my recent visit to Sicily.  Before posting photos, I will answer some frequently asked questions. 

1.  No, I do not have a boyfriend in the military over there. 

2.  No, I do not have family in Sicily. 

3.  Mafia?  Never hoid of ’em. 

4.  Yes, I did go to Sicily just because it’s there.  

5.  Yes, I did meet a young man from Berlin and drive him to a hotel, but it was just for one night.  And it was the Catholic version of doing such a thing, so nothing happened.  (It’s important that my parents know that, okay?)  ~~  Jen 

     And now… 


Majolica in Taormina


Greek Theater in Taormina




Coast along the Ionian Sea


Slice of Taormina


Why don't I live there?


Honey vendor at Mt. Etna. Did you know "Miele" is Italian for "honey"?


A properly-constructed church. Sublime.


Parking lot for Catania daredevils.


Bar featured in "The Godfather." Never saw the movie, so I'll just take their word for it.


Siracusa. What you don't see is the gargantuan cruise ship parked next to the boats.


Sigh...Birds make it so difficult to appear dignified sometimes.

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